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Mark Ashford 08-12-2010 09:08 AM

Klune V
I got a 2.72:1 Klune V (Goliath) that I picked up for a project but am going with a 4:1 version now instead.

No known issues, I got it from a local wheeler/buddy that was parting out his (running) rig.

Includes what should be a TH350 adapter in the front, should work for a 700r4 as well. Can go on anything that takes a "round 6-bolt" t-case and with the correct spline input (same input as an NP231, 241 etc). Had a NP205 on the back so the rear adapter should be correct for a round 205 with 32-spline input.

Different adapters can still be gotten from High-Impact (manufacturer/distributor).

No shifter but one could be made pretty easy or you can buy a cable or direct shifter from the manufacture.

I'd like $850. That's what I paid for it. I'll ship, I'll have to figure out a "shipped" price.

Pics this evening (hopefully).

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