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In the over 20 years that we have been serving the International Harvester community IH Parts America's talented shop crew have built many awards winning IH Trucks, Travelall's and Scout's. With years of experience specializing in IH vehicles we have a great understanding of what these vehicles need when performing OEM factory restorations or full-on custom builds. Our shop is also capable of performing many other services including custom fabrication, rust repair, suspension upgrades, drivetrain modernization and the rebuilding of individual parts. With over 100 years combined service in the automotive field there isn't much we can't do.
With our years of experience we have perfected many types of suspension upgrades on IH Vehicles. Our experience includes SOA (Spring-Over-Axle) conversions to linked suspensions on air bags or coilovers to custom made leafsprings for stock suspension vehicles. Our CPT Crawler Proven Technology in house line of suspension parts is designed specifically with your IH in mind and gives us the options we need to make upgrades as affordable as possible while being as effective as possible.
LS Swap
We perform a lot of GM LS engine swaps here at IH Parts America. We mostly use factory new GM 6.2 LS3 engines and factory new 6L80E transmissions with all new GM components on our LS swaps. We have also performed the same swap with GM's E-Rod engines which are CARB compliant and designed to pass emission tests. We have our own in-house CPT Crawler Proven Technology engine and transmission mount brackets that utilize the matching modern GM LS engine mounts. Typically, an Atlas transfer case will split power between the axles. And for the axles , we generally rebuild or replace the front axle and the rear axle will usually get replaced with an all-new CPT Ford 9" as it is stronger than the factory Dana 44. A new fuel system and all new wiring, there isn't much we don't rebuild or replace mechanically when performing an LS swap.
Factory Drivetrain Modernization
We have been working on and messing with IH SV engines for a very long time. In those years we have produced quite a few ways to make those engines run better by adding fuel injection and then bolting on an overdrive transmission. With thousands of miles behind the wheel of an IH powered Scout II and Travelall that not just keeps up with traffic but is capable of passing it. We can do the same to your factory IH power that we have done to our own and many of our customers in the past.
Complete Vehicle Builds
If you are looking for a ground up restoration on your IH Scout, Pickup or Travelall we can help you with that. Whether you want a stock restoration or custom build our shop crew can put together the IH of your dreams. All builds generally go through a process that ensures the highest level of quality and detail from tear down to final assembly. Prices vary depending on what you are wanting built and condition of vehicle. We also generally have good vehicles here to build if yours is in poor shape or you don't have an IH vehicle yet to build.
Parts Rebuilding
We offer parts rebuilding here at IH Parts America. Some parts are rebuilt in house while others are sent out. If you have a starter, alternator, fuel pump, water pump, carburetor, distributor, wiper motor, clutch, brake booster or steering box we can most likely help you as long as rebuild parts are available.