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Swepco 503 Gas Improver Code: SWEPCO-FUELIMP-503

Swepco 503 Gas Improver
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Swepco 503 Gas Improver

A premium quality fuel additive designed to clean gum, varnish, sludge and other harmful deposits. Helps improve fuel combustion, reduce friction, prolong spark plug life and increase fuel mileage. It is also helpful in eliminating sticky valves and some pre-ignition problems and is an effective "carbon buster" for valve areas.

Treatment for gasoline engines:

-12 Ounces per 30 Gallons of Gas

As a "de-carbonizer":

- Start engine and allow to warm up
- Set at fast idle
- Carbureted engines - remove air cleaner and slowly pour 12oz directly into the carburetor
- Fuel injected engines - remove a small vacuum line from the intake manifold area and let it "suck" 12oz of 503 out of the bottle
- Immediately turn off the engine and let it cool down(preferably overnight)
- 503 will coat the valves and dissolve excessive carbon deposits
- After cool down, start engine and accelerate it until it stops smoking....excessive smoke will be evident until the "oiliness" of the 503 is burned off

Container size:

12 ounce bottles. 24 bottles to a case.