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Swepco 101 Grease - Tube Code: SWEPCO-GREASE-101

Swepco 101 Grease - Tube
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SWEPCO MOLY GREASE 101 is a multi-purpose grease designed for use where high-performance grease is required. This grease is made from the finest ingredients available in the industry and will provide lubrication protection in many different types of applications. The base oils used are high quality viscosity index paraffin type materials derived from Mid-Continent crude oil that have an extremely good natural resistance to oxidation and corrosion. The gelling agent used is a highly refined Bentone. The thickening agent gives Moly 101 its superior high temperature performance characteristics. SWEPCO 101 also contains Molybdenum Disulfide. This solid film lubricant has a natural affinity for metal and helps support the liquid lubrication of the base grease. It also contains a series of special additives that reinforce its oxidation protection and rust and corrosion performance. SWEPCO MOLY GREASE 101 can be used as a chassis lubricant, water pump lubricant, C.V. joint lubricant, high speed bearing lubricant, U-joint lubricant and in many other applications.

Reduces friction & heat.
Reduces wear.
Blended with the highest quality base stock and the most advanced state of the art additive package available including SWEPCO's proprietary additive Lubium.
Non-melt formulation with optimum performance range . . . -30F to 500F.
Won't pound or wash out.
Tremendous metal adhesion quality.
Race proven multi-purpose lubricant for C.V. joints, chassis lubrication, ball joints and wheel bearings.

Standard cartridge tube